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The vineyards of the Mosel region are very special. Steep slopes with gradient angles between 60 and 70 degrees characterise the sheltered valley of the Mosel. Down in the valley temperatures are about three degrees Celsius warmer then in the surrounding Hunsrück and Eifel regions. Looking at the records of the last few decades the Mosel valley averages around 1600 hours of sunshine per year.
The most highly regarded vineyards face south, southwest or southeast. Cultivating the vineyards of the terraced Mosel is just as elaborate as costly. In no other wine growing area does so much work need to be done by hand.
The heat-storing slate of the steep slopes combined with the knowledge and the dedication of the wine growers create beautifully elegant and attractively lively wines as well as classy sparkling wines.
Not only grapes feel at home on the terraced slopes of the Mosel valley but also a unique variety of plants and animals. On a lucky day you may spot the rare green lizard or the mountain Apollo butterfly. In Winningen your chances of spotting a member of the rare species are good, because here you can find the largest population of this butterfly north of the Alps. The traditional Latin name of the mountain Apollo (Apollo parnassius winningensis) points at the cultural importance of the Mosel valley in former centuries. As a place of experiencing culture and excellent wine the Lower Mosel valley is a must for every sophisticated guest.