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Dream Hiking Paths

five Dream Hiking Paths situated at the Sunny Lower Mosel

As part of the premium hiking project “Traumpfade - Dream Hiking Paths of the Rhine-Mosel-Eifel area”, initiated by the Mayen-Koblenz district, the Lower Mosel region now offers five new Dream Hiking Paths for experiencing great hiking. 
With each hiking path being embedded in the beautiful Mosel landscape every one of them will win you over with its very own charm.
The “Traumpfad Bergschluchtenpfad Ehrenburg” near Brodenbach leads you through three impressive rocky gorges. You will also discover the well-hidden Ehrenburg Castle.
The “Traumpfad Bleidenberger Ausblicke“ starts in Oberfell. It reveals startling views of the Mosel valley leading up a steep vineyard path. Further on you will walk on two pilgrimage paths up to the Castle Thurant. Along the way you will also find some churches.
The “Traumpfad Hatzenporter Laysteig” near Hatzenport follows the Mosel river through ancient vineyards and thereby provides splendid views of the Mosel river particularly from the two viewpoints “Rabenlay” and “Kreuzlay”. This hiking path is quite demanding and includes very steep sections which can only be mastered by climbing.
Hiking on the “Traumpfad Koberner Burgpfad” you will experience a diverse landscape which is characterised by forests and some meandering streams. You will have the chance to visit the ancient Celtic cult site “Goloring”, see the “Oberburg” and its chapel “Matthiaskapelle” as well as hike on the stations of the cross path which is very scenic due to its magnificent views of the Mosel valley.
The “Traumpfad Schwalberstieg” has its starting point in Niederfell. The “Schwalberstieg” is a narrow path which makes you feel as if you were walking through a jungle, rather then a regular forest near the Mosel. In the valleys which the path leads you through you will find a surprisingly diverse landscape. In addition there are panoramic views of the Mosel.
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